Monday, April 20, 2015

2015 Salt Lake Half Marathon

I was not planning on running the Salt Lake Half Marathon this year until I got caught up in the excitement of their booth at the Endurance Sports Show in February. The girls there were persuasive (as if I really need to have my arm twisted!). I didn't run it last year and the year before was rainy and snowy. The course has changed since my last run and I heard it was a good one. As the days got closer, it looked like we were going to have a good weather day so I was ready for it. And then on Tuesday I started coming down with a cold, boo! So this happened!

I figured I could get through a couple hours of running if I doctored myself up and got a few good night's of sleep. It worked, I was ready to go early Saturday morning. The start and finish are in different locations so my friends and I planned a car drop and pick up. It's definitely the way to go - no waiting for the train. Ready to start!

I don't usually run with someone during a race because I feel I am way too slow for all my friends but Carmen decided to stick with me and it ended up being a really great run. We are compatible even though she can run much faster than me but neither of us were running for a PR. We wanted a good run outside. The weather was perfect - high 40's to start and mid 60's at the finish. The course is fantastic! It heads north from the University up to 11th Avenue, around and down City Creek Canyon. I didn't have my phone to take pictures but definitely enjoyed the views. As we started the uphill on South Temple, about 5 miles, during one of our walk breaks, a girl asked if she could join us for the rest of the race. She liked the thought of our 4:1 run/walk ratio. Her name is Jenna from Tennessee and this was her first Utah race. It was super fun to have our little trio run together.

On course support was great and the cheering crowds were the boost that suffering runners can always use! And it was fun seeing people on the course that we knew. Although, I was surprised to not have seen more since afterwards I saw dozens of pics and posts of friends that were there.

About 11 miles in, I started coughing pretty bad and had I been alone I might have started walking a little more. I was able to keep on with the feeling of being accountable. When we started I had a finish time in my mind. As the race went on I wasn't sure it could happen. As we turned into the last mile, I was happy to see I was going to make it.
Jenna & me
me and Carmen
It definitely was not my fastest half but considering how I had been feeling, it was good. Of the three Salt Lake Marathon's I've run, this was the fastest. It says a lot about my fitness level - thanks to my sweet coach, Jen - that I could get out and run 13.1 miles on Saturday.

A few weeks ago, I bought these Hoka beauties because of all the hype I've heard about them. I put about 25 treadmill miles on them and decided to wear them Saturday. They were great and I may just be a convert!

I remember my first few half marathons when the full and half started together. The winner of the marathon would pass me at 9 or 10 miles. The last time it was about 12 miles when they caught me. Saturday, as I was coming down the chute, they announced the winner was coming. With a burst of energy, I was able to cross the finish line a couple of minutes before he did. Yes, I am a slow runner but obviously getting faster every year! Yay for old people!

I loved the course so much that I already registered for next year during the blitz!