Monday, November 11, 2013

Ironman Training Day 1

I caught this beautiful sunset last week on my drive home from teaching class!

I woke up this morning and decided that this day is my official start for my Ironman training. I say this even though I am constantly in some sort of training mode but felt there had to be a “1st Day"! The morning began rather ominously and has put me into a “full of doubt” mode. Not good when I will be competing in about six months in the hardest race of my life.

Computrainer class starts tonight. If you don’t know, this is an indoor cycling class where the bike is connected to a computerized trainer that can be programmed for specific workouts, wattage and power. It is a valuable resource for triathlon training in the colder months. I did these classes two years ago and could really tell the difference when spring came and I was able to get outside versus last year when I did not participate. Before starting classes, you need to have a Lactate Threshold Assessment done. Through this process your lactate threshold is analyzed and then power zones are set specifically set for your ability.

I was excited to do this and see a huge improvement over my last test from two years ago. I was disappointed to get the email showing my zones are exactly the same as last time. I thought it would show a big difference. They did show that my lactate and heart rate are much lower than before but I can’t help but feel defeated already on this first day of training.

The other aspect of the Ironman training that I need to master is balance. Balance in my life with home, church, work, teaching and training. Last week I had to miss a swim workout because I was not organized and felt overwhelmed. I am going to have to be much more on top of things in order to be able to do what is necessary to get me to the end goal. This means planning my food for the week, organizing my workout equipment for each day, planning my life out at least for one week at a time and still functioning at my day job. Thank goodness my training plan is done for me and accessible in Training Peaks.

My darling hubby cast doubt on me today as well with a simple comment that I know he did not mean negatively.

What I know is this journey will be a roller coaster ride with my physical and mental abilities and most of all my emotions. I will not beat myself up and I will listen to my kind and caring coach! I am excited to see where this journey takes me and what I am to learn.