Monday, April 7, 2014


Someone posted this on the Ironman TX Facebook page this morning. I was humming along this weekend knowing it was about 6 weeks away but for some reason this started the butterflies in my stomach going again.

I headed south again this weekend to get a long ride in warmer weather. The plan was to get it done on Saturday and enjoy my Sunday. I woke up Saturday with a bad, out of sorts attitude. Wish I could pinpoint the cause but all I can come up with is two nights of not very good sleep. I hate that something so simple can cause my world to misalign. I made it to the pool for a half hour swim, which felt really good but knew on the way home that the ride was not going to happen. After scrapping that plan, we decided it would be a perfect day to golf. A little wind and rain could never dampen our enthusiasm for that sport. Hubby is home for a two week visit from Saudi Arabia and it was fun to spend some non-training time with him.
waiting to tee off
You know it's an off day when the better golfer tries to let you beat him and you can't close the deal! We had fun, though, and my bad attitude was gone for the day. We even went out to eat dinner with Mom and I was able to get a pic!
He doesn't like pictures and it's usually hard to get a smile!
Sunday morning I was up and ready to head out the door by 9 am. My ride was supposed to be 5 hours and relatively flat.  I had several thoughts as I got about an hour into the ride:

1. I hate the wind
2. The City of Hurricane is aptly named
3. I really don't like the wind
4. There are no "relatively flat" long rides in the St. George area
5. I am slow and do not put out much power
6. I am much stronger than I've ever been

For all you non-Utah peeps - a relatively flat ride here is about 2500 feet of climbing. We do have the best scenery!

Four hours later I was done. As you probably guessed, the wind was blowing. If my purpose was time in the saddle, I failed; but if my purpose was mental toughness, it was a success.

Note to self - doing a ride like this and jumping in the car to drive 4 hours home is probably not the best idea.

Less than 960 hours to go to the big day. Coach Lizz says that I'm ready and we just need to keep me healthy. I will live on her belief for now since I'm having a hard time believing it myself!