Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random thoughts!

I started out last weekend with a stay in Midway with fellow Red Rock Relay volunteers.  We were up and out of the hotel before 6 am to work at exchanges for this one day relay.  If the thought of a two day, 200 mile relay sounds like too much, you should check out the RRR relays in Moab and Park City.  They are one day, 70 miles and are a blast!  It felt strange to not be running but my legs are still recovering from my marathon adventure.  I was at exchange two which was about 8 miles into the race for the runners.  It was a beautiful but cold morning.  Then it was off to lunch at my son’s new home and to the Utes football game.  We were projected as underdogs in the game but I had faith and our team pulled through, upsetting the 5th ranked Stanford team.  It was beautiful!
I was pondering (don’t you love that word!) the other day what my purpose in life might be.  Does this ever cross your mind?  I have always told my boys that God must have some kind of plan for me because I really should not be alive now.  I have survived two rollover accidents, alcoholism, taking more drugs than I care to remember (and probably don’t) and on and on and on.  So it just makes me wonder what it might be – was it to bring my beautiful children into the world, meet, marry and annoy constantly my wonderful husband, getting sober and sharing my story, giving my kidney to a random stranger?  Each time something new happens, I think this must be it and my time is up but life goes on.  Now I wonder if it is this personal trainer certification.  I taught my first class at GPP last night.  It is a “master’s” age class.  I am really excited for this, to share what I have learned and experienced in the past six years.  Two ladies came and it was fun seeing them realize what they could do.  Regardless of what my purpose might be, I will keep on getting out of bed in the morning and seeing what the day has in store for me.

I really hope the “tiredness” leaves my legs soon.  I’m off to San Francisco this weekend to run with a few thousand crazy women on a quest for a Tiffany’s necklace given out by a hot fireman in a tux!