Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hump Day

I'm so tired. I have a feeling that this is how I will feel for the next 4 months. Mexico is in just over 5 weeks and then 2 months after that is IMTX. I haven't even ramped up to max weekly hours of training yet so I need to get used to it!  It's a good tired feeling though, it means I am alive and have a purpose. A good thing about all this training while working full time, teaching and running my house is that I have learned to write everything down and schedule even the little things in my calendar. Getting gas, oil changes, grocery shopping, meeting friends, etc. all have a place in the calendar!

Last weekend was a trip to St. George for a long ride. When I originally scheduled it, the weather forecast was for 68 degrees. Every few days the forecasted weather dropped a few degrees until it wasn't going to make it over 50.  I went with four of the toughest chicks I know and after a morning of swimming (me and Jen) and a gym workout (the other 3), we finally hit the road about 2 pm. It was 42 degrees and windy.  Bundling up was the key!
What was a scheduled 4 hour ride turned into a two hour ride from hell! There was a point that I wanted to call someone to pick us up but we all hung in there even with one flat tire and finished!  The reward was a super yummy dinner at Sonny's BBQ in Hurricane and cookies (always cookies!).
I hope the weather starts warming up so I can get a few more long rides in before race day.

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated being 14 years sober. The latest headline about Philip Seymour Hoffman has had a profound affect on me. I always listen with interest when high profile people are in the news about their struggles with alcohol/drugs. No one celebrated more than me when Robert Downey Jr. finally got it figured out and now seems to be doing so well. Hoffman had over 20 years sobriety when he relapsed. I know some people think this is a "choice" to use and while it might be, it is hard to judge someone for it. No one can know what is happening within a person at the moment they use again. I feel terribly sad for his family and especially his kids. It makes me realize that there is no magic number of years for me to be "cured" and I need to live each day to the fullest and pray that my decision to not drink or use each morning carries me through.