Thursday, January 30, 2014

#Triathlon & stuff

Cleaner skies in the south!
I need to work on this blogging thing. Originally my goal was to post every week. It’s been a few weeks and I have so much to talk about. I have friends who are so great about posting every day, one in particular who is an inspiration in my blogging world – check her out at

I am on the uphill swing of being sick. I hate being sick and yesterday after a week of it, I just made a decision that I would feel better today. Do you think the mental state has something to do with the physical? I do. I’m not 100% yet but can see the light. The worst part of being sick for me is not being able to put the hours in for training. I had started feeling bummed about that last week, I missed a few training goals but when the week was over I still had over eight training hours. This week, not so much. I did computrainer Monday night and nothing since. It’s a fine line to push through being sick and knowing when the body just needs to rest. I actually had some run and swim testing planned for this week but the results would be skewed so maybe next week!

I am heading south to warmer weather tomorrow and plan on four hour ride. We did this a couple of weeks ago and I rode my longest ride ever and felt really confident. My half ironman (Ironmanmonterrey) is just over six weeks away so it’s time to start dialing in everything. Nutrition is key in longer races and I have been testing out different things to use on race day.

Some of my favorites so far are:

Feed Zone Portables - I made a couple of different creations with rice, eggs, bacon, potato flour and brown sugar. Weird sounding, right? They are so good and easy on the stomach.

Skratch Labs Electrolyte Hydration Mix – I mix up a bottle to sip on during the longer rides. This company was created by the guys who wrote the Feed Zone cookbooks so you know it’s a good product.

Osmo Acute Recovery for Women – I have a bottle of this mixed up and ready for me after a long ride or training session. What I like about this besides the taste is that it is made specifically for women. In fact their tag line is “Women are not small men”! Love it!

ShroomTech – this is an all natural supplement that you take before a workout and it enhances your energy. I started using this last year after my trainer talked about it and was amazed at the difference it has made.

My last post talked about my new team sponsorship with Yesterday we had some exciting news with the announcement that All3Sports was selected as the top triathlon retailer in the United States based on vendor and consumer voting and rating. (see story here). I am so honored to be associated with this company and my fellow team members. I will represent with being the best that I can this year.

It has been two weeks now since hubby boarded a plane to Saudi Arabia with a one way ticket after being home for three weeks over the holidays. He is getting settled in at his new place and worksite. We are in a routine of texting and emailing daily with updates on life and hopefully soon, we’ll have the Skype thing going. This is a challenge for both of us but we know the rewards will be worth it. I miss having him home. I am grateful for boys who check on me and for great neighbors who are willing to help with the little and not so little things. The time will pass quickly!