Monday, June 23, 2014

Rest, rest, rest

I may have done this a little too well last week.  After doing the River Rampage Triathlon on Saturday, I completely went into hibernation mode. Nothing was scheduled all of last week, there was not one piece of tri or workout clothing that ended up in the laundry. I was tired and my body was worn out. And for the first time, I did not feel guilty. Not one bit. I slept at least 8 hours every night. I think it was Thursday morning before I actually thought about doing triathlon.

In the past 18 months, I have completed 3-5ks, 1-10k, 11-half marathons, 1-marathon, Ragnar Wasatch Back, 11-sprint triathlons, 3-Olympic triathlons, 2-Ironman 70.3s and attempted a full Ironman. I wonder why I'm tired! It's been great fun but I am now ready for a few week break. My next race is not for another 3 weeks.

To make matters worse, my shoulder that's been bugging me since I fell on my bike three months ago has not gotten better. It finally came time to have an MRI. I half hoped that there was something that could be "fixed" but the good news is that my rotator cuff is intact. Bad news is I have signs of early degeneration and arthritis and a lot of inflammation. It's just going to be one of those things that I deal with. I will have good days and bad days and I hope the good outnumber the painful ones.

I had a lot of time to think and reflect during the week but unfortunately this also meant that I had a lot of time to miss my hubby. It's been okay for the most part with him working on the other side of the world because I've stayed so busy but with some downtime, uh oh!

I finally started feeling some energy by Friday. That evening I got my hair done and planned on an early Saturday morning temple session and a trip to the local farmers market. Up before 5 am and downtown by 6:30! I love doing this very early in the morning, it feels like there is so much more day in the day! The rest of my day was spent in my yard which has sorely been lacking love this year. Lots of weeding and trimming.
I'm sure my neighbors were happy to see me doing something. I even managed to get a couple of tomato plants planted.

Sunday morning I made it out the door by 7 am for a 5 mile run. I had set an intention for an hour because I have not run in awhile but made it back sooner than that because I was able to finally keep running and not fight my breathing from the stupid cold and allergies.

Back into training mode this week, I checked my schedule this morning and have a couple of bike rides and runs scheduled. Yay!

I'm most excited about leading an open water swim on Wednesday with some friends. Some are experienced swimmers and some are just getting into it. It will be a fun time and I hope they fall in love with it and don't feel like this -
Not many pictures this week but I'll sign off with one of my favorite trees in my backyard!