Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Coming to an End

This has been the hardest post to write. It's been 4 months since I last wrote so I thought I should at least close out the year with a little something. Of course, since I wasn't writing regularly, I'm going to forget half of what I wanted to share!

I closed out my year of racing with a half marathon - SeaWheeze in Vancouver, BC, a 5K - Chosen benefit for adoption, and a reverse triathlon - Weber State Turkey Tri. This ended my fifth year of racing and as far as number of races goes, it was probably at the bottom of the list. But this was the year I attempted longer races - two half ironman and a full ironman attempt. I did not complete the ironman but it gave me incentive to "tri" again so 2015 will bring on the training for Ironman Los Cabos in October.

My life encountered some changes in the last part of the year. I stopped working full time - this is a temporary thing but it's been a nice break. I was able to do some traveling. My hubby and I took his mom to London and Ireland for a couple of weeks and then I was able to go to Saudi Arabia to see where the hubby is residing. Both trips were fun and interesting but I'm glad to be home for awhile now.

I became an official member of the BAM family and I'm really excited what 2015 will bring. They are such a great group of athletes and always inspire me to do more and be my best self.

And I finally had shoulder surgery to repair the damage from my bike fall last spring. The surgeon saw the MRI and said he has no idea how I raced all year. Well, duh! You just do what you need to do! It's almost been six weeks and my PT says I'm doing really well but won't let me in the pool yet. I've been running and cycling on the trainer but I'm anxious to get swimming again.

2015 is going to be a great year - some challenging races that have me super scared and excited at the same time!
Happy New Year!!!!