Monday, September 30, 2013

Madness Week

Here it is - madness week (oh, I mean marathon week).  Let the madness begin.  It's already started as I feel so many aches and pains (imaginary or not).  I told hubby last night that I probably would not be able to run since everything had started hurting.  Of course I understand that this is not true but it feels real at the moment.
I weighed in yesterday at my lowest adult weight ever and so a good thing about this process as Coach Lizz pointed out is that most people gain weight while training for a marathon.  I eat and some days I eat a lot but I have been trying to eat smartly.  My husband makes fun of my "gourmet" dinners.

But I quite enjoy them and they are filling.  Now today is a different story. We had an ice cream truck at work with homemade ice cream - a treat for the employees for getting through our inventory in a timely manner.  Most of my co-workers were telling me that they probably had "diet" ice cream but as I told them, there is no point in that.  I do like a good homemade ice cream.  And it was yummy!
111 hours to race start.  And it looks like it's for real because they show me with a bib number.

St. George Marathon BIB Number Assignment

Suzanne Martin
Your BIB Number is: 8546

I will sign off now for a week of tapering, worrying and a lot of self talk.  More to come next week!